The room on ice

Winning the Disaster Artist Competition

Since 2014, Josh and the crew have been craving a cinematic adaptation to the book “The Disaster Artist.” When the news was announced at the end of 2016, the crew couldn’t help but celebrate. It was when a friend of Josh’s, Marlene, made mention of a competition in October of 2017 that sparked Josh’s involvement in what would be a huge nationwide competition.

The rules were simple. Re-enact any scene from “The Room” in a public place. After careful thought and consideration, the team finally decided on re-enacting the ending… on an ice rink.

Acting Out The Room on Ice

“When Mark and Marlene told me I should do the death scene on the ice rink at Campus Martius, I knew that we would win it all. No one was going to think to do that. The question was, would I be brave enough to do it and would security give us enough time to re-enact the scene?” Josh said.

With a small crew involving Milan Panich and Jordan Dedene on camera, Josh set out to re-enact the scene from The Room in the middle of the day on the Detroit ice rink. His co-actors consisted of Julie Fotchuk, Alex Wajda and Charlie Parrott.

“The question was, would I be brave enough to do it and would security give us enough time to re-enact the scene?” – Josh Taube

About to Call It Off

The day before the infamous shoot, Josh looked over the competition. He had noticed some pretty good contenders including someone re-enacting the sex scene (PG version) in a public park. The doubt started to settle in.

“I remember thinking about telling the crew to call off the whole thing. I saw some pretty solid competition and thought there was no way we could win this thing. So I called up Jordan to get one of his famous pep talks. And sure enough it was exactly the reassurance I needed,” Josh said.

One of things Josh remembers Jordan telling him was that Josh had never backed away from a challenge before. Why would this be any different? It got Josh thinking about how Tommy, despite all of his challenges, never backed down. He made what was critically acclaimed as the worst movie of all time and became successful from it. The challenge had to be faced. The fear had to be squashed.

Behind Bars or In Front of Stars?

The day finally came. Josh was dressed up in a wig while the other actors dressed themselves up in a similar fashion to the actual characters. The camera crew was stationed, Josh was mic’d up. He had to do this. It was do or die. Josh stepped onto the ice rink and began skating around in a circle. Over the microphone he tells the crew to be ready. Josh is struggling to skate on the sole fear of being caught by security. But he had to keep going. Finally he starts the scene. As he falls in the middle of the ice, he recites the lines, pulls out a metal spoon and pretends to shoot himself like it’s a gun.

“I remember laying there waiting for the other actors to come over and recite their lines. The security guard towers over me and asks if I’m alright. He keeps telling me to get up but I know I have to lie still. I made it this far. Even if he drags me, I gotta stay dead until the scene ends.” Josh said.

In what feels like forever, Julie and the others rush over to aid Josh. The security guard looks at them and then shakes his head in disbelief. As they say their final line, Josh gets up and says thank you to the security guard. He skates off not knowing what the heck just happened.

The Seth Rogen Influence

Josh posts the video later that day after it’s edited. Within a couple hours, the video goes viral. People are commenting left and right saying Josh deserves an Oscar for his performance. Then out of nowhere, Seth Rogen retweets the video.

“That’s the moment I knew we were going to win. Seth [Rogen] had posted other people’s videos before but I could just tell he liked ours the most.” Josh said.

The next day Josh hears from a friend that someone had told him that if Josh played Tommy Wiseau they would definitely lose.

“At first, I was kind of pissed. This was coming from somebody I respected so I wasn’t sure where that was coming from. But then it only motivated me to prove him wrong. And boy. Let’s just say I definitely proved him wrong.” Josh said.

The Tommy Award The Room on Ice
The Tommy Award given to Blue View Cinema by A24 for "The Room on Ice"

Taking Home the Tommy Award

Another day passes and the team is declared the winner. A24 coins the video “The Room on Ice.” All the hard work and fear paid off. The moral of the story. Fight your fears. You’ll be surprised how many times you can actually come out on top. As for the security guard, Josh invited him to the free screening. He couldn’t make it, but would have gone otherwise.

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