A Horror Filmmaker's Dream

After Blue View Cinema submitted its film, “Cat’s Game” to Alter over 18 months ago, we will finally be showcased on their YouTube channel January 15th! Our team will have the opportunity to be seen by 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and an additional 3 million subscribers on Facebook!

This kind of exposure is a huge win for independent filmmakers because not only will people see our work but we will be able to get feedback from viewers across the globe! Some of the scariest horror films reside on this channel and have really given us a fright!

“Alter has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and an additional 3 million subscribers on Facebook!”

From Local Competitions to The Biggest Horror Internet Fanbase

Cat’s Game was originally made as a short film to show support for a competition called Horror Film Roulette. This competition is an annual event held in Utica, Michigan. Filmmakers from all over are given two weeks to come up with an idea after spinning a wheel that tells them which horror genre they have to make. Blue View Cinema has been a sponsor with this event for four years and counting making a new film each year to add to the roster.

If you want to help support this collaboration, be on the lookout for the link on January 15th! We’ll have it posted on the Blue View Cinema website and all of our social media links! Their version of our film will also feature a brand new beginning and ending song! You won’t want to miss it!

If you haven’t seen “Cat’s Game” yet and can’t wait, you can watch it here!

Also be sure to check out our partner, Alter on their website at www.watchalter.com!

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