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Established in 2013, Blue View Cinema is a production studio dedicated to making films that inspire, entertain, and provide originality to the ordinary. From dysfunctional offices to haunted houses, Blue View Cinema aims to be a leader in film entertainment.

Featured Short

This month's featured short is a horror film called "Rings on Her Fingers" featuring Chris Donohue and Julie Fotchuk. The film is based on the "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" book with the same name.

The Blue View Crew

Josh Taube


The man behind it all. Josh has been the head of the studio for over six years. He writes, directs, acts, and edits. He also has an obsession with coupons.

Mark Fritts

Executive Producer

Mark has been with Blue View Cinema since its inception. He helps with the funding and quality control of the productions. He also plays a mean violin. Not a nice one.

John Riggs


John joined the Blue View crew this year. He is in charge of co-directing alongside Josh. He’s a Star Wars enthusiast. The force is strong with him.

Jose Marrero


Jose is a man with many hats, but when he’s on set, he’s there to make sure all of the resources needed are met. He’s also known as the man with many catchphrases.

Theodore Cole Anderson

Director of Photography

Theo leads Blue View’s camera department as Director of Photography. If he’s not talking about CrossFit, he’s most likely watching videos or listening to podcasts about cinematography.

Matt Raetzel

Music and sound

Matt is the guy who everyone calls when they can’t decide if the film is picture-locked. He cleans up the dialogue, adds sound effects, writes music, and mixes it all together. He makes the editor realize that their edit was perfect the entire time.

Milan Panich

1st AC

Milan is Blue View’s 1st AC. He’s been in the industry for 5 years. In his free time, often playing D&D and video games.

Al Camargo

Boom Operator

You’ve seen his face a hundred times. Al enjoys acting on and off set while also working as a boom op. You’ll find him playing Wallyball, and video games in his free time.

Domenico Verticchio

Script Supervisor

Dom is responsible for the continuity of the set. He makes sure the actors are staying consistent and that the set is maintained. He’s also a talented podcaster and acts like the neighborhood video store with his huge film collection.

Sam Carroll

Art Director

Sam is the newest member of our team. He’s incredibly talented at illustrating and building sets. He’s also a big storyteller with a love for movies made before the year 2010.

The Blue View News

We've started a new comedy series!

That's right! Every month we will be releasing one new comedy sketch. You can follow the action below!


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